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5 Reasons Why Healthcare Technology Matters to You

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Technology Matters to You

How important are health and fitness to you? Do you like to stay fit, eat right, and be healthy? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, at least two-thirds of all Americans have the same values and desires when it comes to their health and wellness. And with all the advances in technology, there are more ways than ever to help us realize our goals and improve our lives when it comes to our health and fitness. Here are five reasons why healthcare technology matters to you...

1) Access

If you’re an athlete, you know firsthand that healthcare technology is improving patient care. If you’re not an athlete and don’t see a need for health and fitness technology, maybe access will change your mind. Consider that cardiovascular disease kills 800,000 people per year—and it’s one of the biggest causes of disability. More than half of all strokes are preventable through simple interventions like checking blood pressure regularly. But what do doctors do when they don’t have time to check? They prescribe drugs! Or other interventions that often aren't covered by insurance or Medicare - because they aren't deemed necessary. What if we could take drugs out of healthcare? Or use them judiciously?

2) Tracking

Being able to track your progress is essential for your success with a health and fitness program. Without tracking, you have no way of knowing if you’re actually on track, or how far you’ve come. With a few key pieces of technology in place, tracking will become simple. Knowing where you are today is so important. Plus, it makes looking back over time that much more fun! What are some ways healthcare technology can help?

3) Monitoring

Healthcare technology is an increasingly important way for people to monitor their health and fitness, and a growing number of companies are providing tools that enable better monitoring. For example, Fitbit is a company that makes wearable activity monitors. These little devices clip onto your clothing or fit into your pocket so you can easily track how many steps you take each day and whether you're hitting any fitness goals. Monitoring your health and fitness is a great way to identify weaknesses in your behavior that might be slowing progress toward your goals. Don't skip out on healthcare technology if it could help you achieve what you want—remember, anything worth doing takes hard work!

4) Safety

Having a medical device implanted in your body can be unnerving. But, there are companies developing products that monitor vital signs and alert you if something is wrong. For example, Drayson Technologies has developed an implantable blood sugar tracker called Dracolator that automatically transmits data from inside a diabetic’s body to their phone using radio frequency signals. In addition, there are advances being made in health monitoring technologies for everyone. The Apple Watch has a built-in heart monitor that monitors heart rate throughout each day and night—and it also doubles as a fitness tracker with GPS capabilities and much more. These real-time updates give healthcare providers critical information they need to stay on top of conditions or changes in health status.

5) Comfort & Inclusion

A huge barrier to staying on top of your healthcare is simply feeling uncomfortable talking about it. If you’re like most people, discussing bodily functions and medical issues can be embarrassing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Technology helps us in more ways than we realize - from helping us stay on track with our health goals, reminding us when we’re due for a visit with our primary care physician, or bringing new hope through technology in medicine like telemedicine. Here are five reasons why healthcare technology matters

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