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How Technology is Changing the Way We Feed our Animals

How Technology is Changing the Way We Feed our Animals

Technology has the power to revolutionize virtually every industry, and animal feed is no exception. With advancements in technology, feeding your livestock and pets has never been easier or more efficient. Take a look at how new technology has changed the way we feed our animals, from farm to table.

Artificial Insemination

For centuries, farmers have been artificially inseminating livestock to produce offspring without having to deal with Mother Nature. Artificial insemination allows cattlemen and swine growers to develop more productive herds and flocks while keeping production costs down, allowing them to continue producing high-quality meat at a reasonable price. Today, technology has allowed us to do even more than ever before when it comes to improving our animal feed products.

Artificial Insemination Software

I was working with a large dairy to help them optimize their artificial insemination process. Artificial insemination requires great precision and accuracy, so there’s room for improvement when it comes to technology. First and foremost, there’s room for improvement on preventing error. The dairy has several hundred bulls and thousands of cows, so making sure that each bull is only inseminating cows that he should be, happens by chance rather than by design.

Fertility Programs

Animal nutrition technology has been developing steadily for several decades. Fertility programs have become more and more popular due to advancements in animal nutrition technology. Advanced fertility programs provide a variety of services and are effective at increasing reproductive rates and improving litter quality. Using advanced animal feed technology, dairy farmers can better manage their herds and improve overall herd health.

Gestation Monitoring Software

When sows are fed higher energy diets, their ability to self-regulate intake is compromised and they gain more weight than intended. Gestation monitoring software can track animals’ food intake and identify how much weight each sow gains over a certain period of time. With that information, farmers can adjust feed rations so all pigs on a given farm or site get enough nutrients without packing on too many pounds.

Foal Monitoring Software

Today’s technology is making it easier than ever to monitor your animals. Foal monitoring software allows farmers to track growth, feed intake, and well-being at any time. This data can be shared with veterinarians or consultants in order to create more accurate nutritional plans for your animals.

Pregnancy Diagnosis Tests

In recent years, technology has made huge strides in pregnancy diagnostics. These tests can determine not only if a woman is pregnant but also her due date and whether or not there are any complications such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Quality Control Software for Beef Producers

By tracking cattle data, and collecting lots of data points across your operation, you can get a better handle on what’s going on with nutrition and reproduction on your farm. At Aspire Systems we help beef producers use technology to monitor animal feed intake as well as body condition score and other indicators for their cattle herd.

Stock Management Software

This software is designed to help farmers, ranchers and animal owners track their cattle's nutritional needs. For example, let’s say you’re going to get a new calf soon. With some simple inputs into an easy-to-use interface—say you want your calf to be 400 pounds in six months—the software will tell you how much he should eat each day and when he should be fed. This way, your livestock will never go hungry while maximizing the nutritional value of what they eat.

Vaccination Records Software

Integrating technology into animal nutrition means that producers and veterinarians can be surer than ever before about their animals’ vaccinations. With vaccination records software, vets are able to put each animal’s file online. This makes information more accessible and efficient to everyone involved in managing a herd or flock, as well as easier for a producer to manage their animals.

Pig Management Software

Pigs are one of man’s earliest domesticated animals, but only in recent years have new technologies come out to help increase efficiency and profitability. Pig management software, which helps farmers track data like feed consumption, veterinary checkups and carcass weights, is helping breeders boost productivity while reducing their own workload.

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