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Which fitness wearable should I buy?

Which fitness wearable should I buy?

What do Fitbit, Jawbone, and Nike Fuelband have in common? They’re all wearable technology devices that you can use to monitor your activity level, diet, and other health-related information so you can get in shape and live healthier overall. But with so many options out there, which one should you buy? We’ll help you figure that out by going over the pros and cons of each device, as well as what each one is best at tracking and how much it costs in order to help you make an informed decision on which fitness wearable will be best for you.

Best Fitbit for your needs

It can be hard to choose a wearable device when there are so many out there, with new devices being announced seemingly every week. So how do you know which Fitbit or other device is best for you? The answer depends on your goals. Here’s a guide to help you decide which Fitbit or wearable technology will work best for your lifestyle. If price is no object, then by all means get an Apple Watch. It's an incredible smartwatch that does pretty much everything else around it one better. There are also some great options from Garmin and Jawbone, including some affordable and functional trackers that still offer helpful insights into health and wellness. Then there are those who just want a basic step counter.

Best Apple Watch for your needs

There are several models of Apple Watch, but you can probably narrow down your options by deciding which features are important to you and which aren’t. For example, if you want a built-in cellular connection so you can use it without an iPhone nearby, your options are limited to a few models. If size is important to you, there are two different sizes for both men and women (and additional versions for either group with smaller faces). The stainless steel model is larger than its aluminum counterpart. But other than that, most of these watches have very similar capabilities.

Best Garmin Watch for your needs

These wearable technologies have been designed to make our lives better, whether that means providing information to coach us toward a certain goal or helping us stay in touch with loved ones. One of these wearables is sure to fit your personal needs, and if you know what those are (or which category fits best), you can read up on specific products and purchase one that fits your needs best. Step by step it will be easy for you to figure out what fitness wearable is best for you.

Wearable Technology Under $100

In recent years, fitness and technology have grown closer than ever. Fitness wearables like Fitbit track your heart rate, steps taken and even how much sleep you’re getting each night—all with a gentle tap on your wrist. And if you have an Apple Watch or other smartwatch, you can bring it into fitness tracking as well. Now, most of these products aren’t cheap (that is what affordable means). However, there are a few gadgets under $100 that will help keep your fitness game strong. Here’s some low-cost wearables to consider before you invest in more expensive models

Best Running Watches under $500

Health and fitness wearables are all about convenience. Having an armband for your smartphone or a watch that doubles as a heart rate monitor is incredibly useful when you’re in need of immediate feedback about your workout routine. However, if you’re looking to get real time information about distance, pace, speed and calorie burn from your workouts then getting a dedicated running watch is critical. A good running watch will have all of these features plus more, including GPS tracking capabilities so you know exactly how far you’ve run and where on a map. If you’re looking for high-end options that are in line with what professional athletes use, then we recommend checking out watches like Garmin Forerunner or Polar M400.

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